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PostSubject: LovelyRO   Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:48 am

Welcome to LovelyRO

Server information:
High Rate Server

Base Exp : 50000x
Job Exp : 50000x
Drop : 10x

Base Level Max : 400
Job Level Max : 255

More Info :
Gold Room
Super Warper
Card Remover
Job Changer
baby Job Changer
Skill Point Remover
Broad Caster
Treasure Box Trader
Mall Room Warper
Card Room Warper
Head Gears Warper
Mvp Guy
Pvp Warper

= End =

How to Register?

account_M or account_F

_M = For male
_F = For Female

How to Join To LovelyRO
Because My wanip will always change so i only can use hamachi,and i got hamachi,so why i dont use??

Step : 1
Download Hamachi : http://www.hamachi.cc/download.php
Step : 2
Install Your Hamachi And Make Your Account : Use Common Sense
Step : 3
Join On My Hamachi Server
Login : Lovely_RO
pass : 123
Step : 4
Download My Client Patch : mediafire.com download.php?xmz4yzyddwr
Take note : Make Sure That You Have Leatest Ro Client.

Dont Spam here!!!

If u got any question u can ask me at hamachi after u join my hamachi network

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PostSubject: Re: LovelyRO   Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:38 pm

let me try Smile

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