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 [Tut]How to hex edit ur client

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PostSubject: [Tut]How to hex edit ur client   Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:53 pm

1.1st u nid a local host
Download it from here:http://forum.ragezone.com/f427/release-v-55-localhost-402085/
2.hex workshop:Google it and dl
3.when ur in hex workshop press ctrl+f and change to text string.
4.after so at search type
5.then find u would see
6.change the to ur hama ip or the ip of the host e.x.
7.wahla jus click the x and press save as and when the ask u if u want a back up thats up to u

100% made by me in mere 5 mins wahahaha
srry no pics.i deleted my camstudio ytd.lazy to redl
if u rly dun knw....add my msn @ justaboy_1994@live.com.sg
i can hex it for u or i could use teamviewer to help u
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[Tut]How to hex edit ur client
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