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 [Rules]Ran Online Online Development

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PostSubject: [Rules]Ran Online Online Development   Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:37 am

Ran Online Online Development Forum

Follow this
Rules :

# 1 : don't advertise your server here. because this is not advertisement.
# 2 : don't try to ask for help by using ( Team viewer or log me in ).
# 3 : don't link your files on other ( forum or website ).
# 4 : don't post your server files for money i will delete your thread.
# 5 : put credits for the release or who make the guide or files.

Question : why i need to use [tag] when i release or making a guide.
Answer : Because we wont this forum to be clean and good. so follow our forum rules.

For Example :
[Release]Ran Online Server

[SSS] = Screen Shoots

Title Format Naming Guidance (Must Read)

Read before Posting:
In order to promote uniformity, all thread starters will utilize the following Computer stuff Title format naming convention.

The correct format is as follows:
[File hosting site] – Name of games -Version or Edition (if applicable)

[RS] Full Repack

File hosting site codes:

[R.S] - Rapidshare
[T.U] - Turboupload
[M.U] - Mega Upload
[M.F] - MediaFire
[E.S] - Easy-share
[B.] – Badonggo
[S.S] - Sendspace
[D.L] - Direct Link

1. This policy is to be adhered to in-conjunction with MMORPG Rules and Regulation.
2. Moderators reserves the rights to edit posts prior to the Title Format Naming Guidance's implementation as needed.

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[Rules]Ran Online Online Development
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